War Is Peace

“We are supposed to be defending democracy when, in fact, the government we are defending is a corrupt dictatorship.”

Another of my mother’s all-too-relevant essays.

Author: Molly Martin

I'm a long-time tradeswoman activist, retired electrician and electrical inspector. I live in Santa Rosa, CA. molly-martin.com. I also share a travel blog with my wife Holly: travelswithmoho.wordpress.com.

3 thoughts on “War Is Peace”

  1. Your mom’s letters are so literate. It reminds me of the newscasters of that time who spoke so well. Just great. I’m sure it’s a pleasure for you to discover your mom’s letters.

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  2. fight for your democracy – do not let facism take a seat – it is building down instead of forward. In democracy we stay as human – and can fight for our rights.

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