Porta-potty persecution

More on-the-job memories from 1980. This is a true story with names changed to make it fiction. Published in Tradeswomen Magazine, our means of communication in the 1980s and 90s.

Author: Molly Martin

I'm a long-time tradeswoman activist, retired electrician and electrical inspector. I live in Santa Rosa, CA. molly-martin.com. I also share a travel blog with my wife Holly: travelswithmoho.wordpress.com.

2 thoughts on “Porta-potty persecution”

  1. I had that same question why do the draw what they draw all over the shitters. My favorite was at the city hall during earthquake proofing , there was no space left to draw or write in any of the 12 or more little blue rooms and we were visited by the mayor and supes one day, next day we had a new one with women only sign on the door and a lock, too. Didn’t last long the key was given to someone and next day our plant in the urinal had been watered with yellow water.

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